Buying Clubs for Leftie

Buying Clubs for Leftie

One in ten people is born left-handed and if you’re lefty you have to overcome a whole bunch of disadvantages because the world isn’t always accommodating to you.  You have to learn to work around everything from right handed desks at school to trying to use a pair of scissors, and playing guitar or learning golf are a whole new level of difficult. On that note, let’s talk about buying clubs for a leftie and what that entails.

Will It Cost You More?

The good news is that left handed golf clubs won’t cost you more, but the bad news is that there aren’t very many sets of clubs to choose from.  The bigger companies that make golf equipment like Nike and Callaway and a couple of others will make clubs for lefties, but demand is far less so you only have one or two sets to choose from.  You can get a decent set out of a sporting goods store but if you are a serious player then a custom set may be a better option.

Custom Made Golf Sets

There are perks to getting a custom made set of clubs, to start with they are made perfectly for you.  Custom made clubs will take the following into consideration and design clubs that are just right:

  • Height & Weight
  • Speed of Swing
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Distance from your wrist to the ground
  • Your handicap

Here is a look at how they make custom golf clubs.

Improving your Game

Not only will a complete set of custom clubs make your game easier to play it will improve it a great deal at the same time.  That is why serious players go through the time, hassle and expense of getting a custom set.  Let’s face it, right handed players can go out and by a new set every time that Nike comes out with a new and improved set of irons.  Lefties don’t have that luxury, they have to wait around and see if one of the big companies will bother to adapt a good set of clubs for left handed players.

If a custom set isn’t in your budget you still have options for getting a great set of clubs.  You can buy out of the store, check out online sales, keep an eye on ebay or other sites where you can pick up some decent clubs.  Just because you are a leftie doesn’t mean you can’t be amazing at the game, there are a long list of left-handed pros who excel at the game.

Buying Your First Set of Clubs

Buying Your First Set of Clubs

When you first start playing golf your clubs are probably a mish-mash of hand me downs from whoever taught to you to play.  At some point you will want to get a complete set of your own clubs so you can get better at the game.  Buying your first set of clubs is a milestone of sorts and no matter how long you play the game you will remember your first set of clubs.  Before you go shopping you should know what goes into a complete set and what things you should look for.

A Complete Set of Clubs

Buying a complete set of clubs should consist of anywhere from 14-16 clubs in total, although a beginners set may have a few less.  Here is a list of clubs that should be in a complete set.

  • A putter
  • A driver
  • Irons (anywhere up to 6 different irons)
  • Woods (up to three different clubs)
  • Wedges (at least 2, one for sand and 1 for pitching)

Now let’s take a look at what each does and when you will use them.


Irons are used as you go through the course and need to take shorter shots.  Irons come in two different types: the forged blade and the cavity back blade, as a beginner you should start with the cavity back blade.  Opt for graphite shafts, it helps a beginner with their accuracy and as your game improves you might want to transition to a stiffer shaft.


Woods are a better choice when you need to make some longer shots.  Select woods that come with bigger heads it will help keep your shots straight and accurate on the course.


Every set of clubs absolutely needs a putter, they are vital on the green and you will use them on approach shots too.  You can start your set with one but as you get better at the game you may end up with a couple of them.


As a beginner you will use your wedges a lot, particularly the sand wedge.  Wedges are ideal for getting out of the sand and shots where a putter isn’t enough and wood is too much.


Lastly we come to drivers, they are used when you begin the game or the next hole.  They are used to “drive” the ball as far as you can on the course.  Most pros only have the one driver in their bag.

Golf is a game where you will spend most of the time competing against yourself even when you are playing against others.  Good equipment is crucial to improving your game and getting to the next level.